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I’m excited to be publishing my first novel.

‘The Seed of the Violet Tree: A Science Fiction Mystery’


What role, if any, did Operation Volta play in the near destruction of humanity, and why has the UK Secret Intelligence Service appointed a demoted junior analyst to lead such a crucial investigation?
A contemporary tale of superintelligence, extravagant minds and cutting edge technology, wrapped in a futuristic mystery, yet grounded in the realism of its characters.
Amber Lake has been given her assignment and teamed up with hapless Agent Barry Bunn – enough said! The investigation opens wounds and secrets from the past. When a futuristic artefact emerges, linked to research into superintelligence, a raw truth about the very essence of human consciousness has to be faced. But is Amber ready to hear it?
Are any of us?

Some Amazon UK Reviews:

“…a compelling foreground mystery set against a background canvas of escalating technological advancement…”

“…A very readable contemporary novel with plot upon plot to unravel…”

“…I hope there will be a further outing with the intriguing Amber…”

“…The set-up of the obvious existential threat at the beginning seizes the attention and creates a genuine sense of jeopardy. By the time you have read the book, that won’t be the only existential threat on your mind….”

The eBook is available from most on-line retailers including Amazon and Lulu.

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Also available in paperback from most high street and online bookstores including Amazon and Lulu.

ISBN: 978-0-244-78757-8

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I love to hear back from readers, each person seems to develop an individual relationship with my characters which I find intriguing and fascinating. I would greatly appreciate any feedback on my novel. If you have read it please leave an honest review on Amazon, Lulu or Goodreads. That would be really helpful because the number of reviews received affects the rating and level of promotion on the sites. You can also email me direct via  Contact

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